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 Inventorial Bug

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Inventorial Bug Empty
PostSubject: Inventorial Bug   Inventorial Bug Icon_minitimeTue Jan 01, 2008 11:28 am

its me again Razz

Btw you may have noticed an annoying bug on the server where items you deleted/sold/unequipped in the past have a way of finding their way back into your inventory/equipped armor

Unfortunately there is no way i've found yet to stop them from returning, but i've found a way to stop them from constantly annoying you, by overwriting your items and deleting them (I sometimes find my old shoulderpiece in my helmet slot and deleting my t3 Helmet :s)

anyway, how to stop them from taking up inventory space/deleting you good items : put them in the bank

there is not much PvE in this server so your bank should not get full too soon, providing on how many times you deleted your armor, the more you delete it, the more it comes back (you can put one in the bank, relog, find another one there in your bags and find the same old one in your bank), so from when you read this post hopefully you'll be smart enough to stop deleting them =)

if you find youself out of bank slots then purchase a bag slot, buy a "Primal Mooncloth Bag" and put more items in there, repeat this and relog once you run out of items to bank to either get more/recieve confirmation that your done (i.e. no more respawning items after you relog)

once this has happened, your items will stay the same and no more annoying items popping up in random places, i.e. a sword in your headslot, this should help if you DC during an arena event too, so you dont have noob armor changed into your character armor sheet and so thus lose your match

I hope this helps everyone Very Happy

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Inventorial Bug
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